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How to Use this Guide

When you first use DataStore®DSX, you must configure users, security and storage devices. The first few chapters explain how to set up a new system and, for the most part, will only be used once:

The following chapters describe how to create Custom Field Types, Data Definitions and Search Templates. They also explain how to Publish a Data Definition and include some examples to help explain the functionality provided:

The chapter, Additional Configuration” on page 173, provides examples on how to set up Data Format Information, Full Text Indexing, Automated Indexing Options, Plug-in options and Retention Policy schedules.

The next set of chapters describe how to use the Data Definitions and Search Templates as part of common DataStore®DSX tasks.

  • Import documents in to DataStore®DSX so they can be indexed and stored – see “Import Documents.
  • Index documents prior to storage so their data can be retrieved by searching for identifying field values – see “Indexing Studio.
  • Retrieve information by searching stored documents using the index fields – see “Search Documents.
  • Re-index documents retrieved from a search – see Re-Indexing Documents.

The next set of chapters contain more detailed information on Management Studio, Indexing Studio and Searching Client:

For details about the menus, buttons and options in:

The last section of the book includes information which will help you use DataStore®DSX but which is not essential for day-to-day use.

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