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About DataStore@DSX

About DataStore®DSX

DataStore®DSX comprises three applications:

  • Management Studio
  • Indexing Studio
  • Searching Client

Management Studio

Management Studio is used to manage:

  • Storage
  • Users/Groups/Roles
  • Access Control Lists
  • Custom Field Types
  • Data Definitions
  • Search Templates
  • System Locks
  • Audits

Management Studio is also used for:

  • Automated Indexing – the process of importing and storing documents which have index fields whose information is automatically obtained from the document.
  • Auditing – the process of analysing the change history and the use of Data Definitions and Search Templates.

Indexing Studio

Indexing Studio is used for:

  • Scanning documents into DataStore®DSX
  • Importing documents into DataStore®DSX
  • Extracting barcode information from imported or scanned documents and either storing this data or using it to determine how scanned documents should be collated.
  • Storing documents with data (which is either provided manually by a user or which is automatically extracted from the document) which can later be used to retrieve specific documents or pages from the Searching Client application.

Searching Client

Searching Client is used for:

  • Searching documents stored in DataStore®DSX for specific data (which was stored when the document was imported or scanned in Indexing Studio) to enable the retrieval of specific documents or pages.
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