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Assign a Role to a Group

Note: You must have Permissions configured to allow you to Manage Users & Groups. If your Permissions are not set to allow you to Manage Users & Groups, Users and Groups will not be displayed in the tree view.

To assign a Role to a Group, you must Edit a Group and make the Role the Parent of the selected Group.

  1. Select the Group you want to assign to the Role. Right-click on the Group and click Edit.
  2. Select the Parents tab. Select the Role you want to assign to the selected Group and click on Add to List>>.image
  3. Repeat for any other Roles you want to assign to the Group.
  4. Click on Save and Close to save the changes.

Note: If multiple Roles are assigned to a Group and the Roles have conflicting Permissions settings, the Group’s inherited Permissions settings are calculated according to the rules given in “Calculating Permissions”. For an example, see “Set Permissions: Multiple Groups with Conflicting Settings

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