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Check Field Mapping

Here's how to work with Check Field Mapping!

Check Field Mapping allows you to map MICR fields on the scanned checks and on the deposit slip to fields in the selected Data Definition fields. This is used when the Data Definition you are using is not using the MICR Custom Field types supplied by Mitratech Holdings, Inc.

You should only map fields to the Data Definitions specified in the lower status bar of the Check Deposit application.

Although you can map MICR fields to fields in other Data Definitions, those mappings will have no effect.

First, set up the mapping between the MICR fields and the fields in the Data Definition you want to use. Click the Check Field Mapping button to open the Check Field Mapping window.

Click on the + beside the Data Definition you want to use to store the check information. Select a Data Definition field for each of the MICR fields you want to map, as shown in the above example. When you have mapped the MICR fields to the required Data Definition(s), click OK to close the window.

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