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September 2021 - DataStore DSX v4.1.0

This release is heavily focused on enhancements to help organisations deal with the regulatory challenges faced today around data encryption and audit.


Reporting on Deletions

  • This enhancement was driven by a request submitted in the Ideas Portal from one of our clients (and up-voted by a number of other clients) who needed more reporting around the deletion of data.
  • The auditing screen within Management Studio now includes a feature to view deleted items that appear within the main view.

Data Encryption

  • There are increasing regulatory pressures around the security of data and these regulations/standards mandate that it is no longer adequate to store data on unencrypted drives, meaning that data must be encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • DataStore DSX v4.1.0 includes a new option under Storage which allows you to create an encrypted depot:


  • Data Restrictions can be defined to control what type of data should be stored in the encrypted depot, giving you control over how data is managed and which data should be encrypted:


  • There are also stringent requirements around how encryption keys are managed to form a key hierarchy for multi-level security and the need to regularly re-encrypt keys to keep data secure in the long term.
  • You can create and manage the encryption key hierarchy that is used to protect any encrypted data, and configure new maintenance jobs that will be responsible for automatically updating any expired encryption keys.

Data Migration

  • This is a new feature that has been added to facilitate the data encryption enhancement and allows you to move legal data onto new, encrypted storage.
  • There is now the ability to create migration tasks to move data from an unencrypted depot to an encrypted depot:


  • A full audit trail is maintained of all migrations.
  • This migration tool doesn't just need to migrate data from unencrypted to encrypted depots; it can be used to move data between any types of depots.