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Edit the Bank Statement Data Definition to include Account Number

In this article you will learn how to edit the bank statement data definition for including Account Number info.

The Bank Statement created earlier did not have an Account Number field. Edit the Bank Statement Data Definition, add a new field called Account Number and set the Type to be the Custom Field Account Number.

Note: Make sure there are no other fields in this Data Definition which are based on the Custom Field Account Number (UK). Custom Security settings require that each Joining field is the only field based on the selected Custom Field Type in the selected Data Definition

  1. Right-click on the Bank Statement Data Definition in the tree view and select Edit. The Data Definition Editor is opened.
  2. Click New Text Field on the Home ribbon to create a new field.
  3. Enter the field name Account Number.
  4. Click Type and select the Custom Fields tab and select the Custom Field Account Number (UK) from the list. Click OK.
  5. Select the Sample Documents tab and open a text document bank statement.
  6. The Position needs to be set for the Account Number. The text Account Number: will always precede the account number, so select a large enough area on the sample bank statement and type Account Number: (.+) in the Position box. This locates the text Account Number: and then stores what comes next on the line (the account number).
  7. Click Save on the Home ribbon to save the Data Definition.
  8. Click the application’s icon and select Publish from the menu.
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