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Create Custom Security for a Data Definition

Here's how you can create custom security for a Data Definition.

Custom Security settings enable you to allow a user to:

  • Search for results 
  • View results 
  • View documents and pages 
  • Change field values 

only when certain data is found in an external database table or view.

This example describes how to use Custom Security to prevent Searching Client users from viewing bank statements for accounts which have become dormant.

In this example, the Bank Statement Data Definition is used to store bank statements and an external database table includes Account Numbers and an indicator which shows whether the account is active. The Custom Security settings define the link to the database table. Access Control settings are used to define the criteria under which certain actions can be performed.

Note: Custom Security works with SQL views and tables that are available on the same SQL Server instance as the DataStoreDSX database. However, if the external view or table is not on the same SQL Server instance as the DataStoreDSX database, you will have to configure a linked server on this SQL instance connecting to the other SQL Server instance which contains the required view or table and then create another view on the SQL instance which contains the DataStoreDSX database which uses the linked server. “Creating a Search Data Provider with a Linked SQL Server” contains an example describing the basic steps required for creating a linked SQL Server.  

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