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Corridor - LEDES Error null

This article explains how to resolve LEDES error: null

COLL-Corridor Null1.PNG

Corridor will produce this LEDES file error possibly in the following situations: [Open the LEDES file in Notepad to review carefully]

The LEDES file is missing CLIENT_MATTER_ID. Example below:

 COLL-Corridor Null2.PNG

Solution: Add a correct matter number at the end of each Line Item. 

There are some extra spaces in the Header or at the end of the LEDES file. Example below:

COLL-Corridor Null3.PNG

Solution: Remove the extra spaces.

There are some extra spaces in the Line Items. Example below:

COLL-Corridor Null4.PNG

Solution: Remove the extra spaces.

The LEDES file Header is incorrect. Example below:

COLL-Corridor Null5.PNG

Solution: Correct the LEDES file header. Example below: