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Collaborati 3.6 Release Notes

System Requirements

Collaborati 3.5 is compatible with the following products:

  • All versions of TeamConnect and CSM
  • Lawtrac 4.1 (and later 4.x releases)
  • LawManager 6.5
  • eCounsel 8.10 and later 8.x releases

Collaborati 3.5 is supported on the following browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version)
  • Google Chrome (Latest Version)
  • Internet Explorer (Version 11 or later)

Changes and Enhancements

The following items are changes or enhancements built into Collaborati 3.6. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the enhancement
  • Additional information, if applicable

Enhancement: Users are notified within the application when the submission status of their Rate Requests have been changed.
Additional Information: A new ‘Client Updated” column has been added to the Rate Requests table, letting users know when updates have been made to their Rate Requests. In addition, the homepage also displays notifications when Rate Requests have changed status. Check the Mitratech Client Success Center for more details

Resolved Issues

The following items are have been resolved in the Collaborati 3.6 release. Each resolved issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Additional information, if applicable                                           

Issue: Filters properly reset on the Rejected/Adjusted Item Status filter after the “Clear” button has been selected
Tracking Code: COLL-7267
Case Number: N/A

Issue: The link for editing attachments is now visible on Invoice previews of LEDES file submissions
Tracking Code: COLL-7035
Case Number: 2018-0321-440061

Issue: Dates are now formatted with UTC codes for improved accuracy and consistency
Tracking Code: COLL-7014
Case Number: 2017-0606-377010

Issue: An error message now displays when users input an invalid email while updating their account
Tracking Code: COLL-6733    
Case Number: N/A

Issue: Resolved discrepancies between invoice numbers on the “Attach Files” preview page
Tracking Code: COLL-6559
Case Number: N/A

Issue: During Timekeeper creation, the user is notified with a pop-up message if an invalid email id is provided
Tracking Code: COLL-6337
Case Number: N/A

Issue: Special characters are now display correctly on the Firm Profile’s Assigned Vendors list
Tracking Code: COLL-6188
Case Number: N/A

Issue: While editing a Rate Request, an error message appears when the user hits “done” or “submit” after changing the rate to conflict with other Rate Request items
Tracking Code: COLL-5925
Case Number: N/A

Issue: After submitting a Budget Request to the client, attachments can no longer be deleted
Tracking Code: COLL-5715
Case Number: N/A

Issue: The system now prevents attachments on Budget Requests with duplicate names from being uploaded to ensure documents are synced properly to the client.
Tracking Code: COLL-5714
Case Number: N/A

Issue: Firm and Vendor admins can add Timekeeper Profiles for API Clients.
Tracking Code: COLL-5704
Case Number: N/A

Issue: Removed Client-Vendor registration link on the homepage for users who do not have permissions to use that functionality
Tracking Code: COLL-5692
Case Number: N/A

Known Issues

There are no known issues with Collaborati 3.6





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