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Upload Multiple Timekeepers - file errors

  • New Record—The Timekeeper information is valid and will be uploaded without errors
  • Already Exists; Update—A timekeeper with this ID already exists and any changes will be added to the existing record
    Note: The existing records are updated with new information if the Overwrite existing timekeeper profiles check-box is selected on the previous screen.
  • Error: Incomplete—Required timekeeper information is missing. These timekeepers will not be added to the system. You can go back to your file and correct these errors, and then upload again.
  • New Record Association for Some Selected Offices; Update Record for Existing and Create New Office Associations—The Timekeeper's new office was assigned and the existing office is still assigned.
  • Conflicting Display Code for Timekeepers in Selected Offices: Do Not Update—The Timekeeper could not be updated or created due to another Timekeeper's display code.
  • Error: Must select the Office identified as a Timekeeper's Home Office for the Timekeeper—The Timekeeper's Home Office was not selected in the previous step.  Try removing the Timekeeper's Home Office or choosing a different Home Office.
  • New Record Association for Some Selected Offices; Do Not Update Record for Existing and Do Not Create New Office Associations—The Timekeeper was assigned only to the selected office.  The previous office that the Timekeeper was assigned to was removed.  Also the Home Office was removed.
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