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Invoice Rejections: Rate issues


If there is a discrepancy with the rate your client has in their system and the rate you have in your invoice, this can cause the invoice to be rejected.  However, this can occur several different ways.

Clients often use audit rules in their system to validate the rates. Often these audit rules are custom made so the rejection messages can be worded in different ways:

"The following Line items exceed the maximum specified rates..."

"Line item rate is greater than agreed to rate for line Item.”

"Line Item [1] rate ???.00 for Timekeeper ___ is greater than approved rate of ???.00" 


Check the rates and compare with invoice details. First determine how your client requires your firm to submit rates: Does the client use Rate Requests in Collaborati or a different method?  Have the rates been submitted and approved?

1) If rates have not been approved, then submit rates and wait for them to be approved.  

2) If rates have been approved and if the client uses the Rate Sharing features, then check the rates and compare with the invoice.  Below are sample questions to compare rates with the invoice details:

  • Does the line item date fall outside the rate's Start and End dates for that Timekeeper?
  • Were the rates approved after the invoice was rejected?
  • Is the approved rate higher than the rate on the line item for that Timekeeper?
  • Is there a matter specific rate for that Timekeeper and if so, is the matter on the line item different? (May need to check default rates also.)
  • Was the Timekeeper ID updated recently and not updated in your client's system? (rare issue)
  • Check the Invoice Currency.  Is the approved Timekeeper rate in a different currency? Or is the rate above the allowed amount using the client's currency exchange rate?
  • Do the approved rates differ from the client's requirements, for example, if the client uses Invoice Task Rates? Check your client's billing guidelines or contact the client if you have any questions.

If the answer to any of the questions above is "yes", then take appropriate action to submit rate corrections or invoice corrections.

If the answer to the above questions is "no", or if your client does not use Rate Sharing, then contact Support for assistance.

Click here for instructions on checking your rates (for clients that use Rate Sharing feature).
Click here if you need to create a new Timekeeper Rate Request (for clients that use Rate Collaboration feature).

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