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How to Create a PDF of a Rejected Invoice

It is sometimes helpful to send a PDF of the invoice showing the client's Rejection Comments to your client or to Collaborati Support for troubleshooting purposes.  Follow these steps.

1. Click “Invoices” in the top menu bar
2. Find the rejected invoice and click on the number. This will open the invoice details. 
3. Look for the words Printable View next to the Status.  Click on the link.
4. This will open a pop-up window with the invoice. Right click and choose the "Save Page As" or "Save" option to save the invoice as a PDF.


NOTES: Please note that Collaborati Support is not able to see the invoice details in Collaborati as the invoices are considered confidential between you and the office. 

For invoices submitted to TeamConnect clients: If your invoice is rejected by a rule in your client's system, the client will not be able to see the invoice in their system, because there is no record created if the invoice is automatically rejected.

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