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Locate an Invoice

When searching for an invoice, make sure that you have clicked the "Clear" button in the search box on the "Track Invoices" page. The Collaborati invoice search uses "Sticky Search". This means that Collaborati keeps search fields populated with the most recent text until you press the "Clear" button. This feature enables you to pick up where you left off since your last search. Once this is cleared, please try searching for your invoice again. 

COLL- ClearTrackInvoices.png

Another reason the invoice may not be appearing in your "Track Invoices" page is the invoice may have been deleted from Collaborati 90 days after the invoice was rejected. For more information regarding this, please click here.  Note: Collaborati is designed to be a temporary transport of data between client and office.  It is not designed to store your invoices indefinitely.

You can also check the "Invoice History" page to see if the invoice was Created/Uploaded successfully and also if it was Approved/Rejected.  For more information regarding this, please click here.


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