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View Past Invoices

Collaborati only stores your invoices up to 90 days (depending on your settings) from the date it is approved, paid or rejected. Collaborati also records invoice "events" in the Invoice History.


You can check these settings by following these steps: 

  • Hover over “Admin” on the top menu bar
  • Click on “Settings”

From this page you will be able to adjust the number of days that Collaborati will store your invoices to a maximum of 90 days (as shown in snap shot below). After this point, invoices are deleted from Collaborati.

Eb firm settings.png

You may try asking your client to get a copy of the invoice, if your invoice was "retrieved" by the client (see Invoice History below).

Invoice History

You can look up the status of your older invoices from the 'Invoice History' page. The events recorded include invoice creation, approval or rejection are displayed on the 'Invoice History' page.  Invoice history events are stored for at least 3 years. The details include date, time stamp and user for the following events:

  • Invoice uploaded
  • Invoice created manually
  • Client retrieved
  • Invoice approved
  • Invoice rejected

Note: If your invoice was "created" or "uploaded" and then "rejected", it is likely that your invoice was rejected by a rule in the client's system and the client will not see the details of the invoice.

To retrieve the invoice history:

  • Hover over “Invoices” on the top menu bar
  • Click on “Invoice History”
  • Select Office from the DropDown.

Eb invoice history.png


Complete any of the following fields to fetch the results:

- Date Range: Enter the desired dates for historical information in the date range fields in mm/dd/yy format, or click the calendar icon to select dates. This will check the date/time stamp for the event (such as the date the invoice was created) not the Invoice Date.

- Invoice No: Enter the invoice number you are searching for, if known.

- Description: Enter descriptive key words such as the name of the LEDES file.

- User: Select the user who created this invoice, if known.

Use the "Clear" button to clear the Search filters.  Note that Collaborati uses "sticky" search filters so if you enter information in the search fields and then visit a different page and then later visit the Invoice History, the search filters will still show the information from the previous search.

Results are provided in the table below.

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