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Submitting Invoices in Different Currencies

If you need to submit invoices in more than one currency, use your most common currency in your firm profile's Billing Currency (see How do I access or change my firm's profile information?), and don't change it frequently. When a currency different than the profile currency is required, specify that currency within individual invoices.

LEDES98B format does not allow the currency to be specified, so the currency will match the firm's Billing Currency. For LEDES invoices which allow you to specify the currency see LEDES98BI V2 Format Specifications, LEDES2000 FormatLEDES XML 2.0 Format, or LEDES XML 2.1 Format . For more information about LEDES formats and currency, click here.

For manual invoices, see Help with Creating Invoices.  More information about options for manual invoices can be found here.


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