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Changing Billing Currency

Step-by-step guide that describes how to change the billing currency for a user in Collaborati.

Settings for Firms

(For vendors that are part of the Firm structure)
Office Accounts are created by Collaborati Support.
Office accounts are used to manage firms with multiple locations.  

There are two places to check Settings for Firms.
1)    To locate the settings, such as Billing Currency or Time Zone:
Click on Admin in the top menu bar and choose Offices


Click on the Office Name

Click on the Settings icon in the left navigational bar.


Settings are visible on this page.


2)    Additional Settings for Firms, such as Invoice Options and Discounts can be found here:

Click on Admin in the top menu bar and choose Settings


Change Default Billing Currency

(For vendors that are not part of the Firm structure)  In order to change your billing currency, please follow the directions below:

1. Hover over “Admin” in the top menu bar
2. Click “Settings”
3. Change your billing currency.

For LEDES98B Invoice

When you upload an invoice using a LEDES1998B file, the currency will match the Admin > Settings: Billing Currency.  Check the currency on the invoice by opening the invoice details in Collaborati: Click on the file name and then the invoice number, then verify that the currency looks correct - before you submit:

Most other LEDES formats allow for the currency to be specified on the file.  More information about this can be found here.

For Manual Invoice Only

Another option is to change your settings to allow for International fields in your invoices.  This would give you the option to choose the currency each time you create the invoice.  The currency will default to the settings of the billing currency, but it is easy to change each time you create a manual invoice.

This will allow you to choose your currency at the time you create your invoice.

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