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Tender Requests: View Tender Requests

Tender Requests can be viewed in Collaborati by clicking the individual tender request or the View All Tender Requests link from the homepage. Records of the request are maintained here until they are deleted in Collaborati. Deleting a record from a different application and syncing with Collaborati does not remove the record. Likewise, a request that goes beyond its due date before being accepted or rejected is retained in Collaborati.

You can also view tender requests by selecting the Budgets tab from the homepage, and clicking the Tender Requests link above the search filter.


View the information on the different phases for more detail on the actions available to offices with tender requests.

Users can also choose to view the amounts listed in a Tender Request in their native currency, or in the currency of the client (if different).

Comments and files can be attached from this screen in their respective entry fields. Notes can be added as well; although there is no "save" or "upload" button for notes, entries under 2,000 characters are retained within the record. Comments are not editable or deletable after posting.


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