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Tender Request: Different Workflow Phases of a Request

Tender requests can be designated in Collaborati with several different status markers:



Not Submitted

Tender request is yet to be submitted back to the client.


Tender request has been canceled.

Not Selected

Tender request has been rejected by the client.

Pending Client Retrieval

Request has been submitted, but not viewed.

Pending Client Approval

Request has been submitted and viewed but it is still pending action from client.


Tender request has been approved.

Can Renegotiate

Tender request was neither approved or rejected; change the New Proposed values and click Submit to send new offer.

TeamConnect clients can change the status of an approved tender request to not selected (rejected) or from not selected to approved at any time. These changes will be reflected in the Tender Request section of Collaborati.

Note: Budgets associated with the account will be automatically credited or debited based on these changes.

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