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Cancel a Budget Request



Step-by-step guide detailing how to cancel Budget Requests within Collaborati

Cancel a Budget Request

  1. From anywhere in the Collaborati application, select the Budgets tab. The Budget Requests screen opens.

  2. Click "Select Office" to choose the correct Office from the dropdown menu.

  3. You can search for your Budget Request with multiple values, as detailed in How do I search for Budget Requests?

  4. After finding the Budget Request, find the Actions column to the far right of the Budget Requests table

  5. Click Cancel.

cancel budget request1.jpg


Note: The Cancel Button only appears after you have submitted the Budget Request, but BEFORE the client’s system has picked up the Budget Request. If your Budget Request does not appear on the list, contact your client for updates on review.

Note: You can re-submit a canceled Budget Request

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