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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The following section details frequently asked questions for Collaborati. Additional information can be accessed at the bottom of the page via the designated section links.
  1. Do we have to install any new hardware or software in order to use Collaborati?

No. Collaborati is a browser-based application, so all you need is an Internet browser:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (Firefox and Chrome offer rolling releases with frequent updates and changes in release numbering. Mitratech recommends enabling automatic browser upgrades to ensure that users are always on the latest release.)
  1. Can we invoice our clients electronically in LEDES format using Collaborati?

Yes. You can submit LEDES98B, LEDES98BIv2, LEDES 2000, LEDES XML 2.0, and LEDES XML 2.1 invoices generated by your Time & Billing system.

  1. Am I limited to submitting LEDES invoices?

No. You can create invoices directly within Collaborati, using our online form that provides an easy step-by-step wizard to walk you though the process.

  1. Can I check the status of invoices submitted through Collaborati?

Yes. You can check invoice approval status and client adjustments/comments at any time. You can also choose to receive a notification every time your invoice is rejected, approved or paid by your client.

  1. Do we have to use UTBMS billing codes?

No. Collaborati doesn't require UTBMS codes for any time entries. However, your client may require UTBMS codes for tasks, activities and/or expenses. Collaborati allows you to associate your firm's codes to the equivalent client codes, so that you can continue submitting invoices using your own, familiar codes. Collaborati will do the conversion for you.

  1. Where can I find a list of UTBMS codes?

The Uniform Task Based Management System has a comprehensive list of codes to classify legal services. 

7. Can we submit one invoice for all the matters that my firm works on for a particular client?

Yes. If your client allows multi-matter invoices, then you may submit such invoices using Collaborati.

8. Do we have to comply with our client's billing guidelines when using Collaborati to submit invoices?

Yes. Your client may enforce their billing guidelines through Collaborati. For example, a client may only allow one matter per invoice, or only allow invoices submitted within 90 days from the time the charges incurred. Failure to comply with billing guidelines will result in rejected invoices. Your client may also choose to adjust some or all of your incompliant charges: for example, if your agreement states that a charge per photocopy may not exceed 0.20/page and you actually submit an invoice with a 0.25 charge, these charges can be denied or adjusted to the agreed-upon unit costs.

9. Can we attach expense receipts or other documents to the invoices we submit in Collaborati?

Yes. Supported file types are text, PDF, Excel, Word and XML. There are no restrictions to the number of attachments you may submit.

10. Our firm is located outside of the US. Can we submit invoices in our own currency using Collaborati?

Yes. Your administrator will need to specify your currency selection in your firm's profile in Collaborati.

11. Our firm is located outside of the US, but we would like to generate our invoices in LEDES 98B format. Can we submit such invoices using Collaborati?

Yes. Your administrator will need to specify your currency selection in your firm's profile in Collaborati. LEDES 98B format does not have a field for invoice currency, so Collaborati will assume your firm's main currency will be the currency used for all your invoices.

12. Will we receive Collaborati training?

Yes. Online training is available to you at any time from your Collaborati homepage or at Collaborati Help Videos. The full course is designed to get your users and administrators up and running on Collaborati.

13. Are there costs for Collaborati training?

No. Your training is free and is available to you at any time from your Collaborati homepage.

14. Why is Collaborati is not working?

Collaborati might be temporarily inaccessible due to some server maintenance activities carried out by Mitratech. For such activities, Collaborati needs to be brought down. Please try again after sometime.

These activities are always scheduled and the notifications for these activities are always displayed on a banner on the Collaborati Home page a few days prior to the downtime.

15Why is my user account disabled? Why is my user account inactive?

(In Collaborati 4.3, user accounts were automatically marked "Disabled" if the user did not login for 90 days or more.) User should reach out to their Collaborati Firm Admin to activate the user account or Contact Support if the name of your Collaborati Firm Administrator is not known.  If you are the Collaborati Firm Administrator and your account is marked Inactive/Disabled, then Contact Support for assistance.  

16. What should I do if I have any questions or need help with using Collaborati?

Simply click on the Contact Support link from any article in our success portal and select Collaborati as the product. Our technical support team is available for your needs and is dedicated to your continuous success.

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