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What do I do if a client is missing from the Create Invoice drop-down field?

The most common reason that a client is missing during invoice creation is that the setup for your client is not yet complete. Click the Clients tab to view the status of the client.

  • If the client or vendor status is Pending Vendor Setup, it means the client setup is incomplete. Contact your firm administrator to request completion of the client setup.
  • If the client or vendor status is Waiting for Client Authorization, this indicates that the client is processing your setup and verifying information. When the status is Active, the setup process is complete and you will be able to submit invoices.
  • One other possible cause for this issue is that the Timekeepers for the client were not saved during the setup phase, which is occasionally caused by an error. Verify that there are Timekeepers assigned to the Client in Collaborati by completing the following procedure:
  1. Click the Clients tab.
  2. Click the affected client.
  3. Click the Timekeepers sub-tab. If no Timekeepers exist, you will need to add them.
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