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Create a Leading Section

Configure a Leading Section in a Form.


What is a Leading Section?

A Leading Section is a section of questions within a Form that is configured to appear if specific responses are selected by end users. Leading sections are configured for efficiency so that users don't have to navigate through an entire Form to respond to a question. The instructions below detail how to configure a leading section within a Form. There are three steps in this process and the steps should be completed in the order as they appear.

Before you begin, decide the question/response combination that will be the Leading Response and the Dependent Response. A Leading Response (given by the end user) will trigger the display of the Dependent Response.

Everything will be configured in the Dependent Response, but you will need to know which response you want to designate as the Leading Response.


Step 1: Create an Event Category

Leading sections are triggered when pre-defined Event Categories are selected on a Form. As mentioned in the Leading Section definition above, the Injury / Illness section of a Form will automatically appear if the Injury / Illness category is selected in an Event/audit.

  1. Go to Admin > Forms and click Event Categories in the top banner menu.
  2. Check the existing list for your category. If your category is not there, click the Add Event Category button.
  3. Fill in the required information and any additional detail, then click Save

Step 2: Assign the New or Existing Category to a Form

The new Event Category must be assigned to the Form. 

  1. Find the respective Form and navigate to the Edit screen. 
  2. Click the More Options toggle.
  3. Click the Edit button next to the Event Category column.
  4. Highlight the respective categories, then click Add to assign the categories to the Form. Click Save.


Step 3: Link the Event Category to a Response in the Form

Lastly, the Event Category must be assigned to the leading response in the Form. The Dependent section will automatically appear once the leading response (Event Category) is selected.

  1. Find the Form and ensure it's in Draft Mode.
  2. Open the Form and drill down through the Section > Question screens until the Question Details page displays, then click the Edit button.
  3. Locate the leading response that will trigger the dependent section.
  4. Click the corresponding ellipses button in the Event Type / Event Category column.
  5. Select the new Event Category from the drop-down menu then click Ok
  6. Click Save to exit the Edit Question screen.

The leading section is now queued to appear if the Event Category is selected on a Form. 

To remove a leading section configuration, simply repeat the steps in Step 2 - Assign the category to a Form but click Remove instead of Add.

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