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Syncing on Android

Syncing on Android

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This section details the different syncing scenarios that Users will encounter while using the CMO Android Application.

Technical Overview:
Your mobile CMO app and web application should be as close in version number as possible for maximum compatibility. For example, the web application and mobile app should be on Version 17 Release 2101.

Initial Sync Information:
Once downloaded, the CMO app is essentially an empty shell that must be populated with client-specific information. The initial sync populates the Android App automatically once the app is downloaded and set up. 

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What: The Initial Sync pulls information down from the web application and populates the new local database (Android device) with all respective Org Units, Entities, Event templates, Finding details, Actions, Events, Findings, Obligations, application settings, and additional information that is available to the user granted from role and assignment permissions.
How: The initial sync will happen automatically once the CMO app is installed and set up via Settings. 
Time Estimate: The sync time will vary from client to client and depends on the amount of information that the system pulls down from the web.

Brief Syncing FAQ:
Who can perform Syncs?
- Users can perform syncs if their role permissions are configured this way. See the Role Permissions for Mobile section of the documentation for further information.

Do I need an Internet/Network connection to perform a Sync?
-Yes, syncs can only be performed while connected to an internet/network connection.

What happens if the internet connection is disrupted during a sync?
-Information will automatically be sent back to iOS device. If the sync was unsuccessful, users must manually start the syncing process over. 

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