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Android User Guide

Android User Guide 01.png


This guide contains information on installation of the CMO application on an Android device, use of the major modules, log file and data backup instructions, explanation of key features, and a brief FAQ.


Welcome to the CMO Compliance Android Application User Guide. The Android application functions as an offline version of CMO that can be used on Android mobile platforms. Similar to the web application, the users can create and perform events and audits, configure reports, manage Actions and Findings, and complete syncs between the web and mobile applications. 



Video Table of Contents

Element Timestamp Video Link
Introduction 00:00
Downloading from Play Store 00:22
Logging In 02:07
Homepage 03:44
Events 04:37
Dashboard 08:00
Actions 09:38
Findings 11:55
Synchronizing 14:17
Settings 20:22
Logging Out 23:59

General Use Information 

Swiping to navigate:

  • Most of the navigation on the CMO Android app is controlled by using the buttons on the interface. 

Saving information in the app:

  • The app saves information automatically. Any time a user changes pages, selects another module, or exits an event the information will be saved.
  • Exception: The only action that would potentially cause data loss is a total app crash or uninstalling the Application.

Multi-tenant users switching tenants:

  • Users can toggle between tenants using the icons that appear in the top right corner of the sync screen. 
  • Admin sync will initiate automatically any time a user switches between tenants. 

Generating Reports:

  • There is a generic report built into the mobile CMO app which allows clients to generate on-site reports while in the field. 

Please see the supported Android Matrix List

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