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Dashboard Module for Mobile

Dashboard module is a new feature introduced in the CMO android mobile application. Unlike the CMO web application, the users in the mobile application cannot edit dashboard and have restricted access to all the widgets available.


1.1 Default Dashboard

When the users log in the CMO mobile application and select the Dashboard module from the home screen, the user lands on the Default dashboard.


The mobile application users have access to the following widgets only in the dashboard module.

  • New Event/Finding/Action Widget
  • New Event Widget    
  • Action Widget  
  • Event List Widget    
  • Document Widget    

1.2 List of all Custom Dashboards

The mobile application user can access the custom dashboards by tapping on All section.


The available dashboards in the CMO application will be displayed in the All section. The user can search for specified dashboard by entering the name in the Search field.


  1. For Hazard/Observation dashboard, type Hazard in the search field.


  1. The search field filters the Hazard/Observation dashboard from the list of available dashboard. Open the required dashboard by clicking on the filtered list.


  1.  The Hazard/Observation dashboard page with the available widget appears.
  2. A Create New Action/Event/Finding widget will be displayed. As the Hazard/Observation dashboard was configured with the Create New Action/Event/Finding widget, it displays the same.

    Note: Only the aforementioned 5 widgets in section 5.1 are available in the mobile dashboard.


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