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01_API Process Overview

Here's everything you need to know about API Process Overview.

API Calls Library & Overview

CMO can perform HTTP GET requests to external API during Events to get additional data for Forms and Events.  Note: HTTP POST requests are not supported within CMO. 

In order for CMO to make requests to External API for information, two entities need to be configured: API Call in API Library and API Call Trigger response within a form. Follow the links below for a more in-depth explanation of each setting within CMO.

  • API Call in API Library defines External API endpoint (URL and Parameters it accepts, and response format)
    • These are created by a system administrator or similar power user, and can be reused in several API Call Trigger responses  
  • API Call Trigger response defines how API Response will be parsed by CMO and stored within the event.
    • More detailed information specific to each event will be defined during this step.


Visual Overview

This is a visual representation of how each of the settings communicate with External API. ApiCallOverview.png

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