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Deployment Architecture

This page details CMO Deployment Architecture and Requirements. This includes, client computer requirements, servers, handheld device minimum requirements, supported browsers, network settings, and corporate firewalls

Data Transfer

If you use a handheld device, when the handheld device is synchronised with the CMO web server, the data is transferred as a dataset in XML format. This data transfer is encrypted over HTTPS to ensure security of data. 

Network Settings

Whether running a CMO Compliance solution on a Public or Private Cloud, your System Administrator should ensure that CMO is added as a Trusted Site, as well as added to your Intranet Zone. This is essential if Active Directory Authentication is being used. 

Corporate Firewalls

Corporate firewalls do not create an issue when using CMO Compliance. If you use tablet or handheld devices, there is a component built into CMO on the handheld device to ensure even the most secure firewalls can be navigated, to ensure that data can be transferred successfully to either our server if you have licensed the public cloud edition of CMO, or to your servers if you have purchased a dedicated installation of CMO.


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