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CMO Compliance 16.0.R4 and 15.02.25.R32 Release Notes

This document details the feature enhancements and resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance (Engineering Release 32).

Note: This document details the feature enhancements and resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version CMO16.0 Release 4 and CMO 15.02.25 Release 32. The following Release Notes cover issues in the Web Application.

Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Compliance 16.0.R4 release (Also known as engineering R32). Each resolved issue is documented in the format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Web Application 

Note: If the tracking code has an asterisk* it indicates that the update was also applied to version 15.02.25 R32 of CMO Compliance.

Issue: Changing an environment after assigning an action no longer breaks a notification link.
Tracking Code: CW-19528*
Support Case: 2019-0502-524785

Issue: Correction to prod and staging environment internal server error.
Tracking Code: CW-21928
Support Case: 2019-0806-544462

Issue: The 12 month rolling average frequency rate for a given month now appears when the hours worked is set as 0 for any of the previous 12 months In the rolling average frequency rate widget.
Tracking Code: CW-22009
Support Case: 2019-0829-550332

Issue: Users can now sort the obligation list and the obligation list widget by the last assessed column.
Tracking Code: CW-22172
Support Case: Not applicable

Issue: A user can now select an entity type when creating a new event in the events module window.
Tracking Code: CW-22216*
Support Case: 2019-0923-555318

Issue: Incident management environment event IDs are no longer showing in the forms environment database.
Tracking Code: CW-22387
Support Case: 2019-1025-562694

Issue: A user can no longer delete an action with completed or verified status when "Allow Delete" is enabled and "Allow Delete Completed or Verified Action" is disabled.
Tracking Code: CW-22510
Support Case: Not applicable

Issue: Scheduled tasks are not linked to deleted objects.
Tracking Code: CW-22559
Support Case: Not applicable

Issue: Speed improvements with the live CMO environment.
Tracking Code: CW-22565
Support Case: Not applicable

Issue: Individuals / Parties Involved scoreboard widget no longer displays inactive users.
Tracking Code: CW-22669*
Support Case: 2019-1210-572147

Issue: Functional correction to the Inherit to child rule in user group.
Tracking Code: CW-22672
Support Case: 2019-1211-572226

Issue:  When creating an action from a winapp application it no longer terminates and displays a new action window.
Tracking Code: CW-22673
Support Case: Not applicable

Issue: Correction to HR import API call (GroupsRename) response.
Tracking Code: CW-22721
Support Case: 2019-1224-574616

Issue: The widget labeled 'Corrective & Preventive Action Completion Rate - Last 12 Months' now changes when filtering by project.
Tracking Code: CW-4629
Support Case: 2017-0815-391826

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