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CMO Compliance 17.0 Release Notes

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Introducing CMO Compliance v17.0

CMO Compliance is launching version 17.0 after months of work, feature improvements and enhancements.

The features in version 17.0 were specifically designed to improve value and streamline day-to-day processes to help manage compliance needs throughout the enterprise and better understand your obligations.Clients will also have more options to take CMO on the go with added support for Android devices. Along with iOS and Windows mobile devices, mobile workers will now have full Android support.

What's New in CMO v17.0?

Master Plan/Conflict Detection

Permit to work scheduling. Tracking Code: CW-11289

  • Enhances Permit to Work capabilities; streamlines the work approval process.
  • Identify all parts of your organizational structure impacted by a given project with individual date and time periods.
  • Proposed projects are evaluated against already approved permits to automatically identify any potential conflicts.
  • Work requests can then be adjusted and resubmitted eliminating back-and-forth with the permit office, saving considerable time.

New Integrations

  • Rest API for creating Events from external sources. Tracking Code: CS-9906.
    This API allows for external systems to create an Event within CMO.  The end result is the same as creating a New Event from within CMO.
  • Rest API for populating Event data from external sources. Tracking Code: CS-10309.
    This API allows for a call to be triggered from within an Event in CMO that populates Event responses with information retrieved from an external system.
  • Rest API for maintaining Lookup Tables. Tracking Code: CS-9769.
    This API allows for the values within Lookup Tables to be maintained by external systems.

Product Improvements:

Data Warehouse Enhancements

Mitratech continues to improve the capabilities of the Data Warehouse with the following:

  • Added an indicator for Confidential Events. Tracking Code: CW-18124.
  • Added Lost Time information. Tracking Code: CW-19777.
  • Added file path/link information for attachments. Tracking Code: CW-16977.
  • Installation across multiple SQL instances. Tracking Code: CW-14644.

Event Template Admin Improvements

  • Export/Import of Event Templates to improve change management. Tracking Code: CS-11701.
    This enhancement allows for an updated Event Template to be exported from one environment and imported into another environment.  This enhances the ability to share Event Templates with other CMO users or to promote Event Template changes from a staging/test environment to a production environment.
  • Lookup Tables: reference lists that serve as source data for Custom Fields or Template dropdown lists. Tracking Code: CS-11583.
    This enhancement provides a central maintenance point for dropdown lists of information that are used in multiple areas of the application (Dropdown custom fields or Dropdown responses in various Event Templates).

Client Driven Improvements:

CMO wouldn’t be the product it is today without input from our clients. Here are the improvements that came directly from the CMO Enhancement Portal. Submit an idea or up-vote one of the many great suggestions in the portal, found in this Client Success Center.

Security/Permission Improvements

  • User Lockout Override when Administrator resets user password. Tracking Code: CW-18111.
  • Role permission setting to limit Finding visibility to “Only Access Own Findings”. Tracking Code: CW-19980.
  • Support of SecureAuth IDP for authentication. Tracking Code: CS-11567 and CS-11568.

Event Template Admin Improvements

  • New filters with increased preciseness when associating Event Templates to areas of an organization. Tracking Code: CS-4215.





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