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CMO Compliance 16.0.R3 and 15.02.25.R31 Release Notes

This document details the feature enhancements and resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance (Engineering Release 31).

Note: This document details the feature enhancements and resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version CMO16.0 Release 3 and CMO 15.02.25 Release 31. The following Release Notes cover issues in the Web Application.

Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Compliance 16.0.R3 release (Also known as engineering R31). Each resolved issue is documented in the format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Web Application 

Note: If the tracking code has an asterisk* it indicates that the update was also applied to version 15.02.25 R31 of CMO Compliance.

Issue: SQL script written to edit and update history data permission comments.
Tracking Code: CW-20775
Support Case: Not Applicable

Issue: Assorted performance and migration issues.
Tracking Code: CW-21602
Support Case: 2019-0703-538022

Issue: Obligation compliance status not updating from Action compliance status upon completion.
Tracking Code: CW-21787
Support Case: 2019-0801-543655

Issue: Application crashed on login if SSO was used.
Tracking Code: CW-21904*
Support Case: Not Applicable

Issue: Resolution to a slow hosted user environment.
Tracking Code: CW-21968*
Support Case: 2019-0826-549466

Issue: improvements in the live CMO environment.
Tracking Code: CW-22201
Support Case: 2019-0916-553843

Issue: Glencore UAT load testing errors.
Tracking Code: CW-22244
Support Case: 2019-0926-556199

Issue: HR Import feature improvements. User's token and mutual authentication have been added.
Tracking Code: CW-22242
Support Case: 2019-0926-556192

Issue: Rectification of the organization unit rename API call in HR Import.
Tracking Code: CW-22415
Support Case: 2019-1104-564610

Issue: An entity name can now be updated through the API call in HR Import.
Tracking code: CW-22432
Support Case: Not Applicable

Issue: Email was not sent out correctly.
Tracking Code: CW-20045*
Support Case: 2019-0517-527929

Issue: Application became unresponsive after uploading a file for User Import.
Tracking Code: CW-21457*
Support Case: Not Applicable

Issue: Azure AD Authentication has been added.
Tracking Code: CW-22361*
Support Case: 2017-1207-418684

Issue: Correction when uploading using custom fields for multiple elect.
Tracking Code: CW-21150*
Support Case: 2019-0314-513874

Issue: User importer is now uploading Supervisors (Superiors).
Tracking Code: CW-21414*
Support Case: 2019-0517-527975

Issue: Upgrade v15.02 to v16.
Tracking Code: CW-21105
Support Case: 2019-0703-538022

Issue: An overdue action was not affecting compliance of obligation.
Tracking Code: CW-21801
Support Case: 2019-0802-543881

Issue: User's static token and mutual auth for HR Import added.
Tracking Code: CW-22442
Support Case: Not Applicable

Issue: SQL script to update history data of permissions related to Edit Comments.
Tracking Code: CW-20757
Support Case: Not Applicable

Issue: Recurring obligation actions were not driving compliance status correctly.
Tracking Code: CW-21773
Support Case: Not Applicable

Issue: Migration from v15.02 to v16 resolution.
Tracking Code: CW-21843
Support Case: 2019-0805-544329

Issue: Reporting error correction.
Tracking Code: CW-22469
Support Case: 2019-1119-568001

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