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CMO 15.02 Update 25 R4

This page details the resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version 15.02 Update 25 R4.

 The following Release Notes cover issues in the Web Application, iOS Application, and Windows Application.

Resolved Issues 

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Web Maintenance project. Each resolved issue is documented in the format displayed below.

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable 

Web Application

Issue: Entities shown in the Entities with Most Outstanding Issues widget did not match the Entities chosen in the settings.

Tracking code: CW-2092

Support Case: 2017-0621-380272


Issue: The Current Risk column of an Excel-generated Action Register report was blank after exporting the download.

Tracking code: CW-1970

Support Case: 2017-0616-379188


Issue: Error 500 message appeared when user filtered the Finding Register by Finding category, Al, then clicked the Finding Date/Time column header.

Tracking code: CW-2458

Support Case: 2017-0628-381643


Issue: Additional Fields module did not show Event Template associations for Event, Users, or Logbooks.

Tracking code: CW-2444

Note: This issue was also reported in the CMO Update 25 R3.1 Release Notes.


Issue: User was not automatically assigned to a newly created Entity after it was created under that user's assigned Org Units.

Tracking code: CW-1983

Support Case: 2017-0621-380086


Issue: New Event pop-up screen automatically minimized after a user clicked the New button.

Tracking code: CW-1996

Support Case: 2017-0621-380001


Issue: Standard Report for Events did not report on Events marked as Complete, it only reported on Events marked as Verified.

Tracking code: CW-2040

Support Case: 2017-0623-380886


Issue: File Could Not Be Downloaded error message appeared after downloading Action Report.

Tracking code: CW-1933


Issue: Users were unable to schedule Actions by interval due to a combination of the This option allows scheduling to be based on the interval specified without requiring a previous Event to be completed, or being limited to between defined dates Business Rule being enabled and the Action Schedule feature not functioning properly.

Tracking code: CW-461

Support Case: 2017-0401-354462


Issue: In any given Event, user was unable to navigate back to Events Register after clicking Save and Close link from the Perform Event screen.         

Tracking code: CW-2771


Issue: Server error displayed when Norwegian user tried to access Business Rules in training instance.

Tracking code: CW-2491

Support Case: 2017-0629-381975


Issue: While using Internet Explorer, user was able to successfully Check in/out an Event when the Edit window for the same Event was open. The user did not experience the same outcome while using Chrome.

Tracking code: CW-2754


Issue: The Rolling Average Frequency Rate widget displayed an incorrect total of 4 Events rather than 5.

Tracking code: CW-2870

Support Case: 2017-0705-383402


Issue: Both the Time of Incident and Time Reported fields are blank inside the Low-High Incident Alert PDF.

Tracking code: CW-1027

Support Case: 2017-0426-367935


Issue: In Internet Explorer 11, controls unrelated to the module or action appeared on-screen when random buttons were clicked in an .asxp screen.

Tracking code: CW-2863


Issue: A custom workflow email and standard pending action notifications were sent to Responsible when only the custom email should have been sent.

Tracking code: CW-2795


Issue: Event email notifications did not send to the respective parties involved as configured in the system settings. 

Tracking code: CW-1741

Support Case: 2017-0601-375994


Issue:Source Name was not populated in an Excel export from the Sources module.

Tracking code: CW-931

Support Case: 2017-0413-365423


Issue: Internal Server Error displayed when user created New User for Parties Involved in the Events module.

Tracking code: CW-645

Mobile iOS Application

Issue: Event List Widget did not show in the Dashboards module on iOS.

Tracking code: CMM-1819

Support Case: 2017-0623-380850


Issue: App crashed on random occasions when navigating around the application and when the Perform [Event] button was clicked.

Tracking code: CMM-1791

Support Case: 2017-0621-380004


Issue: Associated Findings that were originally created in the iOS app and re-synced from web>iOS were deleted and no longer accessible in the system.

Tracking code: CMM-1848

Support Case: 2017-0622-380387


Issue: App crashed and all data was lost whenever user attempted to advance a Form to the next section/question.

Tracking code: CMM-1876

Support Case: 2017-0620-379833


Issue: A specific Form did not sync correctly and user could not find it when trying to create a new Form under an Entity.

Tracking code: CMM-1777

Support Case: 2017-0401-354384


Issue: Error thrown when multiple users attempted to sync Events from mobile > web at the same time.

Tracking code: CMM-2144

Support Case: 2017-0706-383726


Issue: Event List widget was not showing on iOS mobile device.

Tracking code: CMM-1819

Support Case: 2017-0623-380850

Mobile Windows Application

Issue: App crashed after user clicked Perform from the New Event screen.

Tracking code: CMM-1342


Issue: Please Fill All Mandatory Fields message appeared when user clicked the Perform button and all mandatory fields were filled in.

Tracking code: CMM-1805


Issue: App populated a list of incorrect users when user was navigating through the HSEC Dashboard.

Tracking code: CMM-1847

Support Case: 2017-0622-380616


Issue: Email notifications were not sent to predefined users after user edited an Action Category.

Tracking code: CMM-1417


Issue: Email notifications for confidential updates to Actions was not sent to users after syncing from mobile > web.

Tracking code: CMM-1415

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