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CMO 15.02 Update 25 R5

This document details the feature enhancements and resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version 15.02 Update 25 R5.

Changes and Enhancements

This section describes changes and enhancements in CMO Compliance 15.02 Update 25 R5. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the enhancement
  • Internal tracking code
  • Additional detail, if applicable

Mobile iOS Application

Improvement: The Close Finding when Actions are Closed business rule now applies to the iOS mobile application. 
Tracking code: CMM-2452
Support Case: 2017-0523-373685
Additional Information: Previously, the Close Finding when Actions are Closed business rule did not apply to Findings/Actions on the mobile iOS platform. 

Resolved Issues

The following Release Notes cover issues in the Web Application, iOS Application, and Windows Application.

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Compliance 15.02 Update 25 R5 release. Each resolved issue is documented in the format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Web Application

Issue: Reports generated from the Action Register returned random letters in the comments section of the report. 
Tracking code: CW-2569
Support Case: 2017-0626-380954

Issue: Events with all Event Statues were displayed and were not filtered by specific Event status filter. 
Tracking code: CW-1755
Support Case: 2017-0601-375828

Issue: User was unable to change the Role/Job Title against a Obligation's Responsible when the Obligations were multi-selected.
Tracking code: CW-3302
Support Case: 2017-0718-385694

Issue: The Workflow Step column in the Events Register did not display the Responsible user for the workflow step.
Tracking code: CW-1101
Support Case: 2017-0504-369693

Issue: The system allowed users to create Overdue Actions when the Allow Scheduler to create Overdue Actions business rule was turned off. 
Tracking code: CW-1837
Support Case: 2017-0613-378196

Issue: Names on the User Register were not displayed alphabetically, and newly created users were not searchable.  
Tracking code: CW-3328
Support Case: 2017-0717-385413

Issue: Server error was generated when user created a draft of the Incident Report form. 
Tracking code: CW-2053
Support Case: 2017-0401-354549

Issue: User Activity Report generated with incorrect Usergroup Assignments per filtering by Entity Type.
Tracking code: CW-3765
Support Case: 2017-0510-371085

Issue: Error was thrown after user tried to open a Finding within a specific Event. 
Tracking code: CW-3778
Support Case: 2017-0710-384127

Issue: Findings would not automatically move to the Closed status after they were completed and the Close Finding when it's Actions are Closed Business Rule was checked. 
Tracking code: CW-3430
Support Case: 2017-0712-384857

Issue: The exported Excel version of the Events Data Report reported on categories that were not associated to the Event. 
Tracking code: CW-1728
Support Case: 2017-0530-375120

Issue: The exported Excel version of the Event (detailed) Report was displaying text as an image and could not be edited. 
Tracking code: CW-2079
Support Case: 2017-0623-380776

Issue: Internal server error was thrown when user multi-selected Events and attempted to delete them. 
Tracking code: CW-2066
Support Case: 2017-0529-375083

Issue: Server error was thrown after saving a New Training Reference in the Actions module. 
Tracking code: CW-3846

Issue: The FID field was not displaying on New, Create, and Edit windows when enabling GIS Role Permissions for the Events module, but was incorrectly displaying in the Source module. 
Tracking code: CW-3807

Mobile iOS Application

Issue: Non-Compliance and Actions associated to an Event were not shown in the web application's Actions module after the Event was synced from Web > Mobile > Web. 
Tracking code: CMM-2409
Support Case: 2017-0401-353977

Issue: The application would not allow users to navigate to a previous Event/Form section if mandatory fields were left blank. 
Tracking code: CMM-1118
Support Case: 2017-0523-373676

Issue: The Date and Time Response Type fields were automatically filled in when a user started an Event. 
Tracking code: CMM-1862
Support Case: 2017-0620-379935

Issue: Incorrect default Responsible users appeared on iOS after sync and those users were not in accordance with the respective Action Category Permissions. 
Tracking code: CMM-1890
Support Case: 2017-0620-379867

Mobile Windows Application (WinApp)

Issue: Initial sync failed after uninstalling and reinstalling the offline application. 
Tracking code: CMM-2562
Support Case: 2017-0727-387929

Issue: Error was thrown and Action was not saved when user clicked Save and Add Action in a Form question. 
Tracking code: CMM-2423
Support Case: 2017-0712-384681

Issue: Inactive Entities appeared in a dashboard's Entity drop-down menu. 
Tracking code: CMM-2437
Support Case: 2017-0713-384888

Issue: Actions and Findings associated to an Event were not synced correctly and did not display correctly on the web application. 
Tracking code: CMM-1365

Issue: In relation to the Copy from Previous functionality, Form responses that had this functionality enabled were not pre-populated with the corresponding values entered on the previously-created Event. 
Tracking code: CMM-2704
Support Case: 2017-0731-388455

Issue: The Action Status does not change to Complete when the Action is completed, but the Completed Date is provided. 
Tracking code: CMM-2717
Support Case: 2017-0807-390000

Issue: Local User could not install the Windows Application without administrative access. However, the Local User could not see the respective folders/files when the WinApp was installed using an Administrative User profile. 
Tracking code: CMM-2741
Support Case: 2017-0803-389417

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