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CMO 15.02 Update 25 R3

This page details the resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version 15.02 Update 25 R3.

The following Release Notes cover issues in the Web Application, iOS Application, and Windows Application.

Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Web Maintenance project. Each resolved issue is documented in the format displayed below.

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable 

Web Application

Issue: Custom report would not render images after server migration.

Tracking code: CW-1881

Support Case: 2017-0613-378488


Issue: HTML paragraph tags, <p>, appeared on a printed PDF Event report in the question's comment section.

Tracking code: CW-1268

Support Case: 2017-0518-372789


Issue: Frequency Rate by Org Unit report showed incorrect values in the All Groups column after the 'Roll up Parent Org Unit to child Org Unit' feature was turned on.

Tracking code: CW-1524


Issue: Finding Date and Date Corrected custom fields changed when the Save button was pressed, and continually decreased one day each time Save was clicked.

Tracking code: CW-1684

Support Case: 2017-0607-377140


Issue: The Incidents Total By Company (Last 365 Days) widget displayed a 'No data to display' error message.

Tracking code: CW-1904

Support Case: 2017-0612-377928


Issue: Application crashed when user clicked Perform Event from the Event register.

Tracking code: CW-1812


Issue: Multiple users were able to edit an Event at the same time.

Tracking code: CW-522, CW-1423


Issue: The title of an Incident Report did not change to reflect the edited date even though the Allow to change perform date and time business rule was enabled.

Tracking code: CW-1125

Support Case: 2017-0401-362869


Issue: Incorrect error message, "Incident is currently being performed by <current user name>. Please wait until they have saved and closed their work to continue work with this incident", appeared on the current user's View screen while performing an Event.

Tracking code: CW-1150, CW-1108


Issue: Event Import pop-up allowed users to upload attachments with any file types.

Tracking code: CW-1176


Issue: User was unable to set the status of the Obligation and Control Assessment to Overdue.

Tracking code: CW-1278


Issue: The title of an incident report did not change to reflect the edited incident date.

Tracking code: CW-1125

Support Case: 2017-0401-362869


Issue: Error message appeared after user attempted to transfer Events/Actions data from a deactivated user to an active user.

Tracking code: CW-1302

Support Case: 2017-0525-374350


Issue: Action Image Report was filtered by status instead of status filters.

Tracking code: CW-1350

Support Case: 2017-0519-373062


Issue: The GIS drop-down window stayed expanded in the Sources module after a user navigated back and forth from the Obligation module.

Tracking code: CW-1430


Issue: OSHA 301 Report populated the Full Name field with a globally unique identifier (GUID) rather than the correct user's name.

Tracking code: CW-1466  

Support Case: 2017-0518-372950


Issue: Emails were not being sent out when an Action/Event was updated, reassigned, or completed.

Tracking code: CW-1535

Support Case: 2017-0531-375500


Issue: User was unable to create new Actions/Findings from the Event Perform window.

Tracking code: CW-1550

Mobile iOS Application

Issue: Server Error displayed after user clicked the History tab from the Obligation Details screen.

Tracking code: CMM-573


Issue: Application crashed and user was taken back to the home screen when attempting to report an Event in Norwegian language.

Tracking code: CMM-993

Support Case: 2017-0515-371668


Issue: Error message appeared when user synced a specific form from their iOS device to the server.

Tracking code: CMM-1377

Support Case: 2017-0607-377230


Issue: iOS application froze for 8-10 seconds when user initiated Sync Events/Actions. Tracking code: CMM-1108

Support Case: 2017-0515-371685

Windows Mobile Application

Issue: Windows application crashed after user created and performed a new Action after a full sync was completed.

Tracking code: CMM-1350


Issue: Error message appeared when user attempted to sync 1 Event from mobile-to-server and 1 Event from server-to-mobile simultaneously.

Tracking code: CMM-902

Support Case: 2017-0426-367964


Issue: Error message appeared when user clicked Save and Perform from the New Event screen.

Tracking code: CMM-1697

Support Case: 2017-0615-378927


Issue: Event/Action sync from iOS device to server failed when attempted from the more options menu within the new Event.

Tracking code: CMM-1349


Issue: Actions/Finding associated to an Event were not transferred to the web application after user performed a sync.

Tracking code: CMM-1248

Support Case: 2017-0529-375078

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