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How To Import Finding Categories


This will teach you how to import multiple finding categories at once saving on time and provide a template that can be used. 


  • Excel sheet with data
  • Admin access

Steps to take

First Step

Navigate to Admin > Forms (Events) and select Import Finding Categories as displayed below.


Second Step

Select the 'Choose File' button, locate your Excel data sheet and open it, once loaded, select the option 'Stop import on any error'.


Third Step

Select the excel sheet that your data is resides on. This will then allow you to map the columns from the sheet to the fields within CMO as seen below;


Fourth Step

Once you have completed your mappings, you select the 'import' button and once successful you select 'close' to close the window.

Template with example

Here is a screenshot from my excel sheet that was used during this article;


Video Demonstration

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