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Edit User Assignments

How to Edit User Assignments

After completing the following steps, you will be able to configure a user's assignments to allow them to access and create Entity and Org Unit specific data. 

Enable the Role Permission for Admin Role

  • Begin by navigating to the Roles tab within the Admin Module.
  • Select the Role you wish to provide the rights to edit User Assignments.

Admin - Roles.png

  • Scroll down to User Permissions.
  • Check the checkbox for 'Allow edit User Assignments'.

Allow edit User Assignments.png

How to Edit User Assignments

  • Navigate to the Users tab within the Admin Module.
  • Filter for the user you wish to edit assignments for.

Admin - Users.png

  • Select the cogwheel and then select the 'Edit Assignments' button.

Edit Assignments.png

  • Select the checkboxes for Role and Entity/Org Unit combo you wish to grant the user access to.

Enable Assignments.png

  • Select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Video Demo

See link below for video demo

How to Edit User Assignments

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