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How To Create Default Comments

After reviewing this How To Article, you will be able to create and associate Default Comments to individual questions inside a Form.

How To Create Default Comments

Default Comments are custom comments created on a question by question basis. They are a useful time saving element in CMO that allows the user to select a pre-made comment for a particular question instead of manually typing the comment out. This is advantageous for series of questions that may have repetitive or long uniform comments that must be associated with a question.


Navigate to the Admin Module

Dashboard to admin 3.png

Select Forms

Inside the Admin Module on the left side of the screen, select Forms.

Admin to Forms.png

Select the Form

As seen in the example below.

Form to Desired Form.png

Select Section

From the series of Sections displayed, choose the desired Section.

Form Section to Section Question.png

Select the Question

Choose the Question in which you would like to add a Default Comment.

Question List to Individual Question Options.png

Select the Comments Tab

From the visible row of options at the top of the screen under Edit Question, select the Comments tab.

Edit Question to Comment Section 2.png

Creating the Default Comment

In the text box in the bottom half of the Comments window, type the Default Comment you would like to create for the question, enter the desired position of the Comment as it will appear in the list of Default Comments for the question (this can be done in the '*Pos.' required field). Select add, then select Save at the bottom of window.

creating Comment Box New.png

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