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How To Configure Email Notifications For A Question Response In A Form

Steps To Configure Email Notifications For A Question Response In A Form 

When creating a new Form or changing an old Form, depending on the how the Form in question is used in your organization, there may be a point in the Form's completion by the end user in which other members of the organization may require an update on the progress of the Form. Enabling email notifications  for questions at various stages in a Form allows for instant notifications to be sent upon the completion of the question once the work is saved. 


Once logged into CMO, select the Admin tab at the top of the screen.

Dashboard to admin 3.png

Inside the Admin Module, choose Forms from the left hand menu.

Admin to Forms.png

Search for the Form using the search filter. In this example, I will be using the form ICWS Test. Note that enabling email notifications for a question can only be done on a Draft copy of a Form and not on a Live version.

Form Search For Enabling Email Notifications In A Question.png

Click on the blue hypertext of the desired form. From here, you will be presented with the Sections in the Form. Select the desired Section.

Select Section For Enabling Email Notifications.png

Choose the Question containing the Response you would like to activate the Email Notification in.

Selecting Question For Enabling Email Notifications.png

After clicking on the Question, the Edit Question window will appear over the previous screen. Click on the the Response that you would like to associate an Email Notification with. Once this is selected, click the box next to the Email option below the list of Responses.

Selecting Question and Activating Email Notification.jpg

Once the Email option is designated for the chosen Response, the Notification Settings fields will appear below the Question options. To begin setting the Notification Settings, click the underlined text next to 'Send To:'

Notification Settings.jpg

From here, you will be presented with another window over your screen. Both the 'Send To:' and 'CC:' fields contain options for the default recipients of the Email. For this example, I have designated a different Role for the 'Send To:' and 'CC" field. After you have made your choices, Select Save at the bottom of the window.

Email Recipients.jpg

Next, the remaining Email information will need to be populated. Select the 'From:' field directly below the 'CC:' field. A new window will appear. Here you will be able to enter the email address(s) you wish to associate with the 'From:' field, the description of the email in the 'Subject:' line, and finally, the body of the email in the 'Content:' box. In the example below, I have chosen as the sending address, 'Test Results' for the Subject, and typed 'Notification Example' for the body of the email.

Email Notifications Subject, From, Body Example.jpg

Once all of this information is entered, click save at the bottom of the window.

Save Email Notification Settings.jpg

Finally click the 'Edit' button above the Response options and then 'Save' at the bottom of the 'Edit Question' window.

Email Notifications Edit To Save.jpg

The Email Notification is now set for  the this Question Response. One final note on these notifications: the email notification will be sent only when the performer selects the Response linked with the Email Notification and then saves the completed work.