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How To Allow Certain Roles To Change Action Assignments In the Action Management Process

Assigning A Different User As The Responsible For An Action  

When trying to re-assign an Action to a different User, you may find that the application is not configured for your particular Role to make this change. You will see this when selecting Edit from the 'Cog Wheel' icon next to the Action and noticing that  the 'Responsible:' Field is missing. See the images below for comparison. 

visible 2.png

Note that not having the correct Role Permissions to change the Responsible (assigned) User will remove the 'Roles:', 'Job Title:', 'Responsible:' fields from view and thus not allow a change to the assigned User for this Action at this stage in the workflow.

Not visible 2.png


 The steps below detail how to make the appropriate adjustments to the Role Permissions needed to assign Actions to different Users at certain steps in the Workflow process.

Allowing Change Responsible By Role

Once logged into CMO, select the Admin tab at the top of the screen.

Dashboard to admin 3.png

Under Admin, choose the Action Management Process from the left hand options.

Admin To Action Management Process.png

In the Action Management Process, under Workflows, select the Workflow. In this case we will use the 'Default' Workflow.

Action Management Process To Workflow.png

Next, a flowchart will display the various stages of the process. Under Action Workflow Steps, select the stage in the process that requires the re-assignment of the Action. In this example, we will choose the Pending step.

Action Workflow Steps to choose a step.png

After selecting the Step, all of the Operations that can be performed on Actions  at this stage in the process will be displayed. Locate 'Change Responsible' and select the checkbox directly to the left.

AMP Operations.png

A new window will then appear over the previous one titled 'Condition to Perform.' Here, select the role(s) needed to perform a re-assignment of the User. In this case, I have selected 'Administrator.'

condition to perform.png

Finally, save at the bottom of this new window.

Save Work.png

For this example now, any user with the Role of Administrator can now change the assigned User of an Action in the 'Pending' status.