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CMO Role Permissions

CMO Role Permissions
This guide defines the Administrator Role Permissions found in the CMO Best Practice site.

Administrators set Role Permissions to allow access to specific modules, actions, notifications, and viewing privileges. In order for users to access any information in CMO, their Role must be granted the respective permissions.

See the Managing Roles page to view instructions on creating new Roles. This page also details how to set Role Permissions for Roles, Forms, Events Statuses, and Workflows.

Access the Role Permissions page
  1. Log in as an administrator and navigate to the Admin Module then select the Roles option from the sidebar menu. 
  2. Click the link of the Role Name you want to edit the permissions for.
  3. Check/uncheck the boxes for the respective Role Permissions you want to apply to this specific Role. 

Note: Permissions will be applied across ALL USERS who are assigned to a specific role.

For example, if changes are made to an Administrator role, all users who are assigned as an Administrator will be affected by the changes. 



The Role Permissions seen in the links below are found in the Administrator Role section. This section was outlined because it has ALL permissions available to other types of users (roles). Depending on the role type, you may or may not see all of the permissions listed below.

Select a link below to view the respective Role Permissions definitions.


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