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Business Rules Settings - Setup

This reference article documents all setup settings for CMO Business Rules. Setup Settings are used to define basic system functions that do not target individual modules.

Each of these settings can be found by following this path in CMO:

  1. Log in as an Admin.
  2. From the home screen, click Admin.
  3. Click Business Rules from the side bar menu. 
  4. Click your company name.
  5. Navigate to the Setup section of settings.

The table below describes setting options for the Setup section on the Business Rules page. 


Setting Functionality 
Row Filters

The first drop-down menu allows users to control which row filters are available on the register screen.

The second drop-down menu allows the user to select Row Selection range of values.

Note: Changing this to Default Values would remove the ability to ignore the 10, 20, 50 row filtering in the Registers. This will create more "Pages" when querying during the register view.

Allow to change performed date and time When checked, this allows a designated user to change the date and time of a performed Event.
Reporter / Client Acceptance

Allows Performers, Clients, and other User Roles to accept work allocated to them, thus changing the status of items from Tentative to Scheduled. This can be done either using the Performer/Client Accepts buttons on the Events module, or by using the "Click here to Accept this" link in emails. When this link is clicked by 1 user of each role that the notification is sent to, the status will be automatically changed to Scheduled. For example, if a notification is setup to go to Client Role and Performer Role, when 1 user with Client Role and 1 user with Performer Role clicks on the link, then status will be set to Scheduled.

Note: If this feature is turned on, it allows the Customer to track the progression/acceptance of Users and Actions.

Roll up Sub Section Scores to Section

When checked, sub-section scores in Forms will average together. If left disabled, the CMO system will simply add the section scores together without averaging them.

Note: This is only an option if the customer decides to use the Scoring feature.

Show N/A Responses

When checked, standard reports show any responses marked as N/A. If left disabled, N/A Responses would be omitted from any report on an Event..

Note: The N/A response is not a radio button response type. This is an N/A Response Type, allowing the rest of the question to be Null and Void should it be selected in a question.

Disable Printing

When checked, this rule disables the user from printing the Dashboards. The Print Preview will show a blank page.

Note: "Checked/Enabled" is suggested for this feature.

Disable Paper Version for Events When checked, this allows users to print a paper version of an Event/Form.
Base Score, Target Score

When checked, a Base Score and a Target Score can be manually entered in a Form.

Note: Base Scores and Target Scores allow for a Desired/Minimum score for an Event to be in the range set by the company. This is related to Auditing.

Filter Actions by Created Date When checked, the date filter in the Action Module will filter Actions by Creation Date.
Retain Filter Settings

When checked, this allows users to retain their last known filter settings.

Note: Users will need to select the filter settings every time the module is entered even if the same filter is desired.

Set Org Unit / Location for Actions / Events based on last item entered by user When checked, the CMO system will use the same Org Unit (or Location) that was last entered in an Action/Event.
Sync Scheduled Reg Entities Only

For Mobile users who sync devices, this allows for only Scheduled Reg Entities to sync to the Mobile/Web.

Note: When scheduling an Event/Action and assigning it to a user on a mobile app, activating this option will only sync Reg Entities that are scheduled to be applied towards those Events/Actions for that User.

Prompt for Sub-status upon Completion

When checked, this allows users to have a sub-status applied to a Form once completed.

Note: This is a premium feature and is not applicable to all clients. This feature should only be invoked for clients using sub-status in addition to status.

Enable auto translate contents

When checked, this allows auto-translate contents of Form, Section, Question & Response text in Perform Event based on users language profile, using Google Translate.

Note: This is a premium feature and is not applicable to all clients. This option will enable Bing Translate to automatically translate any text it detects outside of the users selected language into their selected language within the application, for items outside Translate Module, and outside the provided language pack.

Allow Login without password from Contractor Portal

When checked, this allows users that are utilizing the Contractor Portal to submit requests via the Contractor Portal without having to authenticate it.

Note: Not Applicable to clients due to use of Active Directory.

Enable TicketLogin link in email Notifications

When checked, this allows for ticket logins to occur when using DirectLink variables in custom email templates.

Note: Not Applicable to clients due to use of Active Directory.

Hide sections table in Event Full / Simple / Detailed reports When checked, this eliminates the section table with section scores in the Event Dull, Event Simple, and Event Detailed reports when generating the report form the Reports module or within email notifications.
Items to show in AJAX drop-down lists

Use this drop-down menu to select how many options will show in the AJAX Drop Down list when a User starts to type the desired value.

Note: This option can affect speed and performance if the number is set to options larger than 10.

Show FID field for Regulatory Obligation / Action / Permit

This allows the ESRI Feature ID to be specified, so the Permit/Regulatory Obligation/Action can be hyperlinked directly from the ESRI Viewer. This is for GIS enabled solutions.

Note: This field should only be enabled if the client is integrating with GIS.

Attachment Confidentiality

When checked, attachments added to CMO can be set to confidential. The attachments can only be viewed by users that have access to confidential attachments.

Note: If unchecked/disabled, confidential attachments will be viewable.

Allow Scheduler to create overdue Actions When checked, the Automatic Schedule (set to create Actions) will also create Overdue Actions. Note: This functionality can be enabled or disabled without impact to existing Actions.
Is Allow Re-Inspection

When checked, this allows inspections to be re-evaluated instead of marked complete. This is used in the automobile industry.

Note: This feature should only be enabled if auto-failure or sub-statuses are being used in the application.

Spatial Search URL

Manual entry field. This allows users to define a spatial area for feature associated to a CMO object within the integrated GIS viewer.

Note: Requires GIS Integration.

Create Spatial Area URL

Manual entry field. This allows users to create spatial shapes within the GIS viewer within the application.

Note: Requires GIS Integration.

Edit Spatial Area URL

Manual entry field. This allows users to edit existing spatial areas created within GIS through the GIS integration.

Note: Requires GIS Integration.

View Spatial Area URL

Manual entry field. This allows users to view the spatial areas created within GIS for GIS integrated environments.

Note: Requires GIS Integration.

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