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Business Rules Settings - Forms

This reference article documents all Forms settings for CMO Business Rules. Forms Settings are used to define basic system functions within Forms.

The table below outlines all Business Rule Settings regarding Forms.


Setting Functionality
Reporters When checked, this allows the Audit / Inspection History of an Entity to be viewed when completing a form from the Web and/or Laptop / Tablet Interfaces.
Expenses When checked, this allows expenses to be captured when completing a Form. Note: The Expenses tab is opened up for each section of every Event template.
Action Mandatory When checked, this requires at least 1 Action to be created for every Finding / Non-Conformance added to an Event. Note: This will enforce Action creation for each Non-conformance response in the clients environment when a user is performing an Event.
Action Value When checked, this allows a value or cost to be assigned to an Action, thus providing an estimate of the cost required to close out an Action. Note: Enabling this feature adds an additional field to Actions where cost can be manually defined by the user creating or editing the Action.
Responsible When checked, this adds a Responsible field to Actions. Note: If disabled, there will be no responsible party for Actions. When enabled, a responsible field will become available, as well as settings for available responsible parties enforced.
Show Confirmation Message at Completion This feature enables a prompt for a user as to whether or not they would like to set unanswered questions to Not Applicable upon completing an Event.
Actions must be completed before event completion (web only) When checked, all Actions associated to an audit must be completed before the audit can be verified. Note: When disabled, actions do not have to be completed before the event can be completed.
Event Title When checked, a Title (manual entry) field appears when creating or editing an Event. Note: When enabled, an additional capture field for Title is added to Events.
Actions must be completed before Event Verified (web only) When checked, all Actions associated to an audit must be completed before the audit can be verified. When disabled, actions do not have to be complete before the event is verified.
Perform tab label When checked, the admin can choose the display of the Tab Title in an Event. This permission has 3 options for the admin to choose from: Event Template Name, Title, or Event ID. The selected value will appear in the tab of the Perform Event view.
User Definable Schedule Colors When checked, this grants an admin access to define a color to show in an Event Register in the Event Template column. This is configurable per template. If disabled, the Template column will remain the same color as the other columns.
Delete Findings / Actions if Non-Conformance Response changed When checked, the Findings and Actions fields are removed from a question if the original non-conformance response to the question was un-selected or removed. If disabled, Findings and Actions will not be deleted if NC response is removed. Note: Users are discouraged from checking this box.
Allow navigation through incomplete mandatory sections When checked, this allows user to progress through sections of forms even if mandatory responses are not provided. Note: This feature can be enabled or disabled without significant impact.
Auto select NC responses if Action added When checked, the Non-conformance response will automatically be selected for a question that an Action is added to. If there are 2 NC responses, the first one will be automatically selected. Note: This feature can be enabled or disabled without significant impact.
Only show date on Calendar, not Duration When checked, only the date will appear on the Event Calendar. The duration will not appear. Note: If an event date has a duration, then the difference is considered a duration. Within the Event Calendar, this duration is represented by a marked icon that crosses days.
Score calculation type Use the radio buttons to select the method of scoring that will calculate the score for each  form. The radio button options are described below: Section Scoring - This method averages the total score for each section of a form. Question Scoring - This method scores each question according to the maximum value of the question, and it weighs the section with a sum of section questions (rather than weighing sections separately).
Incomplete can be Overdue When checked, this allows Events with a status of Incomplete to become overdue if the Event Due date has passed.
Copy Child Event References during Clone / Copy When checked, all child events referenced in an Event will be copied to the new Event when that Event is cloned.
Initiate Workflow irrespective of ICWS answers in Form template When checked, Events that contain ICWS options will be initiated when auto-initiate by form is selected on Event template while setting the work flow. Note: Workflow reconfiguration may be required.
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