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Business Rules Settings - Entities

This reference article documents all Entity settings for CMO Business Rules. Entity Settings are used to configure options for customizing Entity features.

Each of these settings can be found by following this path in CMO:

  1. Log in as an Admin.
  2. From the home screen, click Admin.
  3. Click Business Rules from the side bar menu. 
  4. Click your company name.
  5. Navigate to the Entity section of settings.

The table below describes setting options for the Entity section on the Business Rules page. 


Setting Functionality
Check for duplicate Location names on sync

When checked, the system will scan any Regular Entities for duplicates if being uploaded from a mobile device.

Note: For clients, it is suggested that users should not be allowed to create Reg. Entities until Mobile has been established.

Category When checked, this feature adds additional levels of organization to Reg Entities.
Assign All Reg Entities To All Org Units by default

When checked, this enables the user to assign all Reg Entities to all Org Units by default.

Note: Enabling this is highly discouraged and should not be adjusted by clients.

Assign All Entity Types to All Entities by default When checked, this enables the user to assign All Location Types to All Reg Entities by default. Note: Enabling this is highly discouraged and should not be adjusted by clients.
Allow Entity Types to be added from New Event Form

When checked, a green + button will appear in an Event screen. It will appear next to the Entity Type filter where Event creators have the option to add a new Entity Type by clicking the +.

Note: Enabling this option allows users without permission to create Entity Types to create New Entity Types. If enabled, this can potentially pose a security permission issue. Thus, enabling this is discouraged.

Do not filter Entity by Entity Type

When checked, this will remove the ability to filter Entities by type in the Entity List.

Note: The Location Type creation/selection is limited by Roles. CMO does not foresee any technical/solution issues if this feature is enabled in the future.

Show XML data Tab against an Location

When checked, Entities will have an XML data tab, which imports from XML additional info fields added to Entities.

Note: This is a Premium Feature. Disabling this option will hide all XML data added against an Entity.

Location QR Code

Similar to a Bar-code, the QR Code allows the ability to record information against an Entity that can be used for validation when preforming an Event. QR code feature requires a QR Reader mobile device application.

Note: This feature is not applicable to clients at this time

Enabled Auto Reschedule by Additional Location Info

When checked, this allows the Auto-Reschedule to use additional information against an Entity to trigger an Event Schedule Launch.

Note: This feature is a Legacy Item. CMO advises clients to fully investigate all avenues that enabling this feature would create. Clients have the ability to enable this feature.

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