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Request an Action Extension

This page details how to request an Action Extension (for end users) and how to approve an Action Extension (for administrators).

Users can request Action Extensions from the Cog Wheel menu or from the Action Details screen. The requests must go through an approval process before the extension is applied. The person(s) responsible for approving the extension is configured in the Action Management Process screen.

  1. There are two ways to arrive at the Request Extension screen:
    Option 1: From the Action Register, locate the Action you want to request an extension for and click the cog wheel. Select the Request Extension menu option.
    Option 2: From the Action Details screen, click Requests Extension from the Operations Menu.

    Both options will land users on the Request Extension pop-up.

  2. Click Save when finished.

Users will be notified when/if the request is accepted or rejected by the respective approval party.

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