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This guide covers various processes in the CMO's Action module. It details how to set role permissions, create standalone Actions, how to configure Action notifications, and how to manage scheduled Actions.

What are Actions?

In CMO, Actions are used to delegate and assign tasks to individuals or groups. They provide companies the ability to record and track tasks within the CMO application. Actions will generally have a description of what should be completed, a responsible party, and a due date. They can be created as one-off tasks or they can be created within Events, Obligations, and Findings. Actions can be sent to users via email or in-app, and they can be synced between web and mobile devices.

Relevant Role Permissions

Action permissions are set at a Role level. Administrators must grant a Role permission to allow users to create, edit, delete, clone, and reallocate Actions. 

To edit a Role's permissions:
  1. Navigate to the Admin module and select Roles from the sidebar menu. 
  2. Select the Role you want to edit.
  3. Scroll down to the Action Permissions section of the screen and check the relevant boxes. 


Please note, the CMO system does not prevent two users from editing or modifying the same Action at the same time. However, a server error will appear if both users try to save changes. For example, if User A and User B are both working on Action X and user A deletes the Action, User B will receive an error message when they try to save any changes. If this error occurs, contact support using the Support Portal or with your provided Support Phone Number. 


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