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Why Can't I Change Invoice Status

Why Can't I Change My Invoice's Status?

There can be a few causes for invoice status changes to be limited. 

  • Critical Exceptions
  • Firm Dismissal from Matter
  • Missing Information

Critical Exceptions

If an invoice contains one or more critical exception, the options for invoice status change will be limited to "Deleted" or "Rejected". "For Approval" or "Approved" options will be locked until the critical exceptions are resolved. For more information on locating and resolving exceptions, please see: Exception Basics

Dismissal from Matter

If your firm has been dismissed from the matter/claim in question, all invoice status change options will be removed from the invoice. If your firm is no longer assigned to the matter, you will also not see the "REAUDIT EXCEPTIONS" or "RERUN EXCEPTIONS" button on your Draft invoice, and may not be able to see the Matter profile when doing a matter search.

If your firm has been dismissed from a matter, you can follow up with your client contact for more information on how to proceed. If you need to delete the draft invoice, you can reach out to Acuity Support for assistance.

Missing Information

If the matter in question is missing a reviewer or other required information, it could cause a disruption in invoice submission. If you have confirmed that the invoice has no critical exceptions and your firm is still assigned to the matter in question, please contact Acuity Support for assistance in diagnosing the issue.

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