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Timekeeper Won't Save

Why won't my new timekeeper save?

If you are adding a new timekeeper profile and are getting an error when trying to save, please check the following:

  • Are all required fields filled in? Required fields will be marked with an orange border (or a red asterisk in Acuity’s legacy site). If any of these fields are blank, please fill them in and try again.
  • Is the TK ID/TK Number already in use? If another timekeeper for your firm has the same timekeeper ID, you will be unable to proceed with the new timekeeper creation (even if the original timekeeper is currently set to “Inactive” status). To proceed, you will need to either select a different TK ID for the new timekeeper, or edit the existing timekeeper’s profile to change their TK ID. If the existing timekeeper profile is no longer in use, you could add DNU to the beginning of the TK ID.
  • Is your connection stable? If your internet connection cuts out, the new timekeeper information may not be saved, and you will need to try again when you are reconnected.

For a walkthrough on adding timekeepers, please see: Managing Timekeepers

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