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Missing Matter / Claim

Missing Matters

If your matter or claim is missing in Acuity, please reach out to your contact with the client. Matters are added to Acuity and assigned to your firm by the client, not by Acuity.

Note: Some matter assignments are sent to Acuity through a client’s data feed, and may take a business day or more to appear in Acuity after being added by the client.

Unassigned Matters

If you are no longer able to access a matter/claim that your firm previously had access to, your firm may have been unassigned. Acuity Support can help confirm whether your firm still has access to the matter in Acuity. If you have been unassigned but still need access to the matter, or would like more information, please reach out to the client.

Unable to Upload Invoices for a Matter

If you can access the matter in Acuity but are having trouble uploading an invoice to the matter, you can reach out to Acuity Support for assistance. .

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