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Matter Note Types

What is an Acuity Matter Note Type?

In Acuity, designated client and firm users can add “notes” to a matter. The note types are configurable in Audit tools. Notes can be anything from small reminders, meeting notes, or used as a method to update the progress of the matter. 

Creating a Note 

Users can create a note under matters to which they are assigned or for which they have permissions. When creating a note, they will add a “Note Type” to the note. 

  1. Open a matter and select the Collaboration tab. 

  1. Select “Notes”. 

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  1. Select “Create Note”. 


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  1. Type your message in the Note section of the popup. 

  1. Selecting the Private flag will hide this note from the firms who have access to the matter. 

  1. Select the appropriate Note Type

  1. Click Save

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Filtering Note Types 

When searching for a note on a matter, users can open the Notes Filter to narrow the results. 

  1. On the Notes page, click the green bar with the white chevron to open the notes filter. 

  1. To perform a search, enter the inputs that meet your criteria into the available fields. 

  1. Click “Filter”. 


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Configuring Note Types 

Client users with the appropriate permissions can configure the available Note Types. Generally, super admin users will have this ability. 

  1. Click Audit Tools 

  2. Click Note Types 

  3. To add a note type, click “Add Note Type” 


  1. Enter the name for the Note Type, select “Active”, and save.  

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To edit and make a note type Active/Inactive, or to change the name of a note type: 

  1. Click on the pencil next to the note type name. 

  2. Click the active flag. If the box is checked, the note type is active and will show up as an option when creating a note. If the box is not checked, the note type is inactive and will not be listed as an option when creating a note. You may change the name/text of the note type in the text box. 

  3. Click “Save” to save your changes. 

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