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Steps to Resolve an Inquiry

Steps to Resolve an Inquiry 

(Written steps below, to see video, click link: How to Resolve an Inquiry)


1.       Open your invoice. You will be in the INVOICE PROFILE.

2.       Click on the Inquiry tab.

3.       PENDING LINE ITEMS will display. INVOICE INQUIRY HISTORY will also display.

4.       Read your INVOICE INQUIRY HISTORY. This will tell you what action(s) the Client wants you to perform.

5.       If documentation is required, click the paper clip at the end of the line item to attach your document(s).

6.       Once all documentation has been added, click the EDIT ALL button to enter your response(s) or click the pencil to the left of each line item to enter your response.           Clicking the pencil allows you to edit each line individually. Once all Responses have been entered and saved, click the RESOLVE INQUIRIES button.

7.       Clicking the RESOLVE INQUIRIES button changes your invoice status back to For Approval and sends it back to the Client.

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