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Budget Basics

Locating Budgets  

You can locate your budgets in the following ways: 

  1. On your Home Page, select one of the available options on the “Your Budgets” window. 


  1. Under the Matter navigation link, use the “Search Budgets” option. 


  1. On a Matter Profile, select the “Financial” tab, “Budget” sub-tab. 


 Creating Budgets 

(For video instructions on creating budgets, see: How to Create a Budget)

From your search results, click the + icon next to your firm’s name. This will open the Budget window. 


  1. At the top of the budget profile, set the Budget Period. The budget start date will default to being set for the Firm Assignment Date, and the budget end date will default to three years from that date. You may need to edit the dates to cover the life of the matter. 

  2. After filling in the Budget Period dates, select “Save”. 


  1. Enter Budget amounts for fees (by phase) and expenses (total). Unless your client contact instructs otherwise, the “milestone” and “description” fields are optional. 

  2. After entering your budget values, Save. 


  1. To submit your budget for client approval, use the clipboard_e168db2d25f824084697b705e06185d82.png  button and select “For Approval. 

Note: Firm users can only edit the budget profile & values while the budget is in “New” or “Draft” status.  


Acuity will notify the client that a budget is waiting for approval. 

The “Your Budgets” window on the Home page will continually update with your budget status. 

Editing Budgets 

If, during the life of the matter, the budget needs to be edited, reach out to the Matter Manager associated with the Matter/Claim. The client will need to place the budget back to “Draft” status in order for firm users to make edits to it. 

A Draft budget can be opened for editing using the clipboard_e3a0e69a9ab0f0dbdd89e3bcc97238722.png  icon on the Financial, Budget tab. 



After the budget values and/or budget period has been updated, the budget can be resubmitted to the client for approval using the Change Status button. 

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